Too Many Ideas-Not Enough Action? Time to Use Actionmethod

Actionmethod is another Project Management related...

Action Steps are tasks that need to be completed. Each Action Step should start with a verb: "Call Y," "Follow up with X," "Buy a gift for Z."
Create an Action Step with the click of a button.
ACTION STEPS: Delegating
The Delegate feature allows you to use Action Steps to keep others accountable. Create, delegate and track progress.
When you create an Action Step you can delegate it to anyone with an email address.
Once an Action Step is delegated, you can monitor progress to ensure completion.
When someone delegates an Action Step to you, it appears in your Inbox where you can accept or reject it.
Filters and dragging allow you to organize and manage your action steps by priority, due date or any system that works for you.
When you check-off an Action Step (once you complete the task), it moves to "completed."
You can quickly view all Action Steps, or view by project or group of projects, color, target, or search term.
You can drag and drop to reorganize and prioritize.
All of your items in Action Method Online are organized by project. A project could be a client, a specific project at work, a party you're planning -- anything.
If you are within "Action Steps," "References," "Backburners," "Discussions," or "Events" you can view each of those items by project.
Or you can view all of the elements in a project at once.
References are notes, links, files, sketches - any information related to a project that gives context to your Action Steps.
References can store notes, links, and files
With the Introductory Plan, you can create References by entering or pasting key information into the text box, or adding a link to a website or shared document.
With a Premium Plan, you can upload and share files and attachments
Backburners are the brilliant ideas that you want to come back to later, but are not yet actionable.
You can quickly create Backburners
Then assign them to a specific project.
Discussions enable you to manage ongoing conversations across all of your projects with anyone that works with you. All relevant communications (shared documents, solutions to problems, feedback, decisions) are in one place, for optimal project management.
Discussions are organized by project and can involve any number of people.
Discussions are fully searchable
With a Premium Account, you can attach files to a discussion. They appear within your post, and in this attachment list.
Events are the key occasions/meetings/milestones/etc toward which you (and your team) are working. Events can be used to coordinate deadlines for Action Steps, aiding project management.
After you create an Event, you can then assign Action Steps to the Event (all the things that need to be accomplished by the time of the Event).
Your Inbox receives all Action Steps that people delegate to you as well as any References, Backburners, Discussions, and Events that are shared with you.
When someone delegates an Action Step to you, it appears in your inbox.
The Activity Feed records everything you do on Action Method Online. You can also view others' activity if they choose to share it with you.
Everything within the Activity Feed is fully searchable by keyword.
You can change your preferences to only see certain activity (e.g. Action Steps)
You can share selected projects in your Activity Feed with other users of Action Method Online.
You can see the Activity Feeds of those who choose to share it with you.
Communication is the key to action, so use the simple Nag and Appreciate features to let other users know what you have to say.
Nagging allows you to send a quick reminder to another user of Action Method Online. It's a friendly way to push projects forward.
The opposite of a nag! Spread the love.
ACTION STEPS: Target Date (optional)
When necessary, you can add a "target targdate" to Action Steps (due date), to ensure timely completion.
When necessary, you can add a "target targdate" to Action Steps (due date), to ensure timely completion.
ACTION STEPS: Time Tracking (optional)
Time Tracking allows you to assign to an Action Step the amount of time necessary for completion.
You can view how much time the Action Steps in a specific project will take.