Teambox - A Project Collaboration Tool

Teambox A place for your team in Twitter-like project collaboration tool.

Share tasks, messages, files. Get notified by email. Real group collaboration for your projects!

Five reasons why Teambox is a perfect fit

  1. 1-minute setup. Just like using GMail, you don't need to install anything.
  2. Anywhere, anytime. Access your data from any computer.
  3. Secure. We use enterprise-class servers to host and backup your data for you.
  4. Evolving. Teambox is being constantly updated with new features.
  5. Inbox-driven. You can be notified by emails from activities in your projects

Project Overview

Quickly review all the activity in your project. Follow activities to see the whole thread. Let others know what you're doing.

People Permissions and InvitationsProjects are only accessible to their members. Invite your co-workers and control permissions.

You can invite new users by putting in their email, or invite existing users by putting in their login name


Conversations are a better way of communicating than email. They're threaded by topic and always available online. People following a conversation will receive emails about them.

Task lists

It's easy to know what needs to be done and what has been completed. Find which is the next step, and who's responsible. All your tasks in a glance.

Task StatusesTasks are made of series of comments. Each time you comment, you can update the Task's status. Tasks are open when somebody's assigned to them. Mark them as completed or rejected when you're done, and attach the results of your job.
Task Statuses

Task Archiving

Once you mark a task as complete or rejected, you can archive it to unclutter your project view.

Task Archive


Share files of any size with your team!


Profile Page

View what somebody has been doing lately. View their contact details.


Profile Settings

Complete your profile so others now how to contact you. This information is only visible to people in your projects.
User Settings

Project Settings

Projects have simply a title and URL.
Project Settings General

Project Archiving and Deletion

Once you're done with a project, you can archive it for future reference or delete it.