Simply Software Simply Invoice v2.3.1.5

Simply Software Simply Invoice v2.3.1.5

Simply Software Simply Invoice v2.3.1.5 | 3.80 Mb

This software makes invoicing, quoting, ordering of inventory or stock, item control , Contact Management, returns, bookkeeping and basic ***ing quick and easy to manage. Our quote and invoice software comes with multi Company setup facility and is network enabled up to 255 concurrent users/computers (on a per licence/copy basis). Simply Invoice software package is rapidly becoming the software of choice for small to medium sized businesses for the day to day running of their businesses.

Users have to login to the system before being allowed to create or even view any information. With user restrictions you have full control over what users can view or delete in the package.

The Invoicing screen allows you to create Invoices quickly and easily. With its drill down menu system, creating an invoice is simple to do. Print invoices on one of 5 different invoice designs or print credit notes, picking lists or remittance advice slips. The invoice screen comes with an invoice discount facility button and you can sell any item of stock at any price you want. There is also an active profit meter for you to see how much profit you are making on an invoice.

The bookkeeping system is simple to use and allows you to filter out particular sales, purchases or bills by date or category. Not only does it show all invoices and purchase orders within any date period of your choice, but it allows you to track all transactions in and out of your business ***s.