Microsoft to Fix 17 year Old Bug

microsoft_0 Microsoft is due to release a patch in its Feb Security update for 17 yr old computer bug which was associated with DOS Operating System. The software glitch was originally detected in Windows 3.1 and then it got carried over to the subsequent windows version. The bug was discovered by a Google Security Researcher and the old bug invloves with a utility that allows newer versions of Windows to run programs that date from the DOS era. He was able to exploit the same utility in Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 as well as Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The software giant is also going to release patches for five other critical windows bugs that allow hackers to steal the identity of the Windows PC and run their own programs in it. The fix also includes patches for Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2004 for Apple Macintosh machines. This is not a big security update for Microsoft in the recent times. In October last year, they released patches for 34 loopholes and eight of them are serious in nature.
There was an important security update from Microsoft in Jan this year regarding a security loophole in Explorer which was thought to be used by cybercriminals for the recent attack on Google.  The security researchers also reported a problem this week. The attackers are  able to see the files at the user's PC by using theInternet Explorer. Microsoft already made a security news about the problem and is expected to fix it in the future version.