SDK Atom

Intel on Wednesday launched a test version of its software developer kit (SDK) for the Atom Developer Program, part of the company's plan to sell Atom software on behalf of developers via a network of application stores.
The developer program, announced in September, is intended to promote software fine-tuned for Intel's Atom chips, most commonly used in netbooks.
The program will also allow developers to sell their applications via application stores operated by hardware manufacturers, with Asus, Acer and Dell already annnounced as partners in the program.
Atom-based netbooks can typically run standard applications written for operating systems such as Linux or Windows, but Intel said it wants to foster the development of applications designed specifically for netbooks and other portable devices. It also plans to promote Moblin, the Atom-based Linux netbook environment that the company started and handed over to the Linux Foundation.
The new SDK is the first time developers will get their hands on the technology required to sell applications through the stores.