Microsoft to offer cheap Windows 7 for students

Microsoft plans to offer a substantial discount for college students who want to pick up a copy of Windows 7.
Starting October 1--and for a limited time--those in the United Kingdom will be able to preorder Windows 7 for 30 pounds (US$49.50), according to a Microsoft Web site. In a Twitter posting, Microsoft said that U.S. college students will be able to get the software for US$30, but the Web site it linked to does not yet have details on the offer.
"This offer is specifically designed for those students who are not planning to purchase a new PC this year but would still like to take advantage of what Windows 7 offers," a Microsoft representative said. Those who order the software will be able to download it when Windows 7 ships on October 22. Students interested in the deal need a valid college e-mail address.
Microsoft plans similar offers in Canada, Australia, Korea, Mexico, France, and Germany, though the prices will vary somewhat.
In the U.S., students can preorder their copy of Windows 7 beginning later Thursday, while those in most other countries where the deal is being offered will have to wait to order until October 22. In most markets, the offer will end on January 3, though it will run longer in some places, such as Australia, where it will be available through the end of March.
The offer was noted earlier by Microsoft enthusiast site
This is the latest deal from Microsoft, which earlier offered a preorder offer the let users buy the upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium for US$49. That deal ended July 11 for those in the United States Microsoft is also offering a "family pack" option.